DTech Biogel Spray featured in Forbes “Small Giants” Editorial

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  • Articolo pubblicato:Settembre 10, 2021
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DTech Biogel Spray, the SARS-CoV-2 prophylactic technology developed jointly by Cube Labs companies DTech and Adamas Biotech, has been featured in Forbes magazine’s “Small Giants” editorial. 

The prophylactic technology was developed to combat COVID-19 and other coronavirus-induced infections, comprising a proprietary hydrogel-bioactive plant polyphenol mixture (Theaphenon E®) formulation, designed to be safely administered to the upper respiratory tract to inactivate virus particles before they infect host cells. The nasal and oral spray formulations have been registered as Class I Medical Devices in Italy.

DTech Biogel Spray hydrogel acts as a barrier to viruses and also as a bacteriostatic, preventing infection from other air born pathogens while blocking coronavirus entrance through airways. Compared to currently available products, our research suggests DTech Biogel Spray will have the advantage of acting via two mechanisms: the hydrogel will produce a biodegradable barrier for blocking viral entrance while also inhibiting infectivity due to the release of bioactive Theaphenon E, reducing the viral load in the nose to stall the progression of the disease.

Read the full article: https://cube-labs.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Forbes_Small-Giants.pdf

More about DTech Biogel Spray: https://dtechbio.it/covid/

More about Cube Labs: https://cube-labs.com/